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It is time to wake up and shape our schools into what they should be: workshops full of discovery and creativity, a space full of experiences that allows children to develop their own potentials!

prof.dr. Gerald Hüther

founder of Schulen im Aufbruch

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The brain remembers what is interesting and important to it!



Learning as a creative and stimulating process that brings joy!


Learning as a creative and stimulating process that brings joy!


A school focused on developing potential!

At Harfa, every child is a top priority!

A learning culture that encourages the development of potential, primarily creating the conditions necessary for children to experience learning as a creative and stimulating process that delights them.
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Cost of schooling at Harfa:
Kindergarten: 7000 EUR
From 1st to 4th grade: 8500 EUR
From 5th to 8th grade: 9400 EUR
High School: 10600 EUR

Tuition includes full-day classes from 8 am to 4 pm and meals (warm meal and fruit snack).
Tuition does not cover field trips, and entry fees (museum, theater, cinema, etc.).

  • ability to communicate in the mother tongue and English
  • building basic competencies in mathematics, natural sciences and technology
  • digital competencies
  • interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • taking responsibility and ability to self-discipline
  • ability to navigate and experiment in the environment
  • creative thinking and creative problem solving
  • planning and ability to search for quality information
This school has all the necessary permits from the Ministry of Science and Education and its certificates are valid both in Croatia and around the world.
The school has a school calendar as designated by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia. Accordingly, the holidays at Harfa International School are the same as in all public schools in the Republic of Croatia.

From the first grade, children learn English as well as Croatian. Classes and creative stays are partly conducted in English.

In addition to the regular program designated by the Ministry of the Republic of Croatia, Harfa international school offers additional content that is extremely important for child development, and is related to: fine arts, literature, drama, music and dance, board games, theater and film, gardening, and technical education.

Classes will be held as much as possible in the open, in the school garden, in the green area of the school and in the atrium of the monastery. Depending on the topic being covered, half-day, full-day or multi-day excursions will also be planned.

What parents say!

A new dimension in education

We recognize the importance of accepting a child as they are, without the need or attempt to change them to fit parental expectations, and by providing numerous opportunities and examples for changing inherited patterns of parenting.

Transforming school with trust and collaboration!

A lot of love and effort have been put into providing children with quality education while also ensuring a happy, stress-free childhood. There’s an exceptionally warm relationship with the children! When a child looks forward to going to school, you know you’ve done the right thing for them!
Anela Tomašković
A wonderful primary school in every aspect; easy and natural transition from kindergarten to the first grade, a calm and secure environment with a garden, an innovative curriculum presented in an interesting way for kids, high-quality teachers and external collaborators, engaging workshops. All recommendations from first-hand experience
Ines Žižić

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Podnaslov Naslov Developing potential? Children bring everything they need for it! A learning culture that encourages the development of potential primarily creates the necessary conditions

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We are aware of the importance of accepting a child as they are, without the need or effort to change and shape them according to parental expectations, and providing numerous opportunities and examples to change inherited patterns of parenting.

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